Mini Readings

What are Mini Readings

Mini Readings are the perfect way to experience mediumship firsthand in a friendly, relaxed environment. Several times a year we bring together a selection of the Lower Mainland’s most accomplished mediums. This event is open to the general public to come and receive private one to one spiritual/mediumistic readings.

For $35 you have a private 25 minute reading with one of our Mediums.  The medium acts as a conduit with the Spirit World bringing to you evidence of loved ones who have passed and their messages to you.

We host these sessions not just to educate the public about mediumship, but also because it helps demonstrate the continuation of the soul after death, one of the tenets of Spiritualism.  To many it brings peace, healing, even closure.

Held 3-4 times a year, these events are very popular in the community and we regularly sell out, so phone to book your appointment on Oct 29th or soon thereafter.

Our next Mini-Readings

Nov 12, 2021

6:30 – 9:00 p.m.
A very popular event with several mediums offering private 25 min readings for $35.

BOOKING starts on Oct 29th.  Please call 604-574-1918 after 9:00 a.m. on Friday Oct 29th, to book your appointment.  Leave your name, phone and the choice of readers (if you know).  The calls will be answered in the order that they are received.  Once you have booked your appointment please put  your payment of $35, into an envelope, with your name, reader’s name, time of reading, and amount of money on the outside.  Please deliver it  to the centre at 5722 176 A  St. and put it through the mailbox, or you can etransfer to  Please put Mini Readings in the message box. The money needs to be received within 48 hours of booking to hold your spot. Thank you.

Your name and contact info will be passed on to the reader, once your payment has been received and they will contact you on the Wed or Thurs before your reading to make arrangements for the platform they will use to do your reading:  eg: Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Whatsapp etc or even good, or old fashioned telephone.

Readers confirmed to date:

Lynda McEachern Toro

Lynda has always has a connection to the spirit world. It wasn’t until she followed her intuition – packed up her life and all she was familiar with, and moved to BC that her mediumship and connection to spirit flourished. She takes pride in her mediumship practice and is ever evolving with courses, development groups and builds her mediumship on a strong foundation of ethics in order to serve spirit and bring healing to both of our worlds.


  Lesley Prentis

Lesley is a Minister with the Spiritual Alliance Church that was based in New Westminster.  Lesley has trained in Scotland, England and here in Canada.  Lesley’s Mediumship developed in many ways, she is a Healer, gives messages one on one, Inspired Speaker and teaches Mediumship skills to many groups.  Lesley is a good friend to Lighthouse and we really appreciate her support.

  Gloria Dea –

Gloria’s mediumship training started with the Spiritual Alliance in New Westminster. She also took several classes from Scottish Medium Eileen Davies in person and on Zoom.  Gloria also does Melchizedek Method energy healing.
She has always been connected to Spirit since childhood. Gloria was very intuitive and did physical mediumship as a child.  Giving messages from Spirit is the primary focus for Gloria and she belongs to the Advanced Mediumship class in Lighthouse Spiritual Centre .


  Georgia Walls

Georgia has been a member of Lighthouse Spiritual Centre for the past four years. Through her ongoing dedication to spirit, she has been developing, strengthening and practicing her mediumship though the teachings and programs offered at the centre.  She has a passion for mediumship and is pleased to share her gift of mediumship with you.

  Trish Clarke

Trish has been with Lighthouse for six years. She started in a development circle with Reverend Anne Larson and then moved on to the advanced evening mediumship course. She has taken classes at Arthur Finley and continues to work on her spiritual development.  Trish is an artist and she loves to work with colour.