What is Spiritualism?

Spiritualism is a religion as we acknowledge a source or power greater than ourselves. It is a science as we study and prove the survival of physical death. Our philosophy is the study and adherence to natural laws in our every day life. What makes Spiritualists unique is that we believe communication with souls who have passed is possible, and that trained mediums can demonstrate this connection.

The members of Lighthouse Spiritual Centre subscribe to the following:

  • A Divine Source (recognized as God)
  • The Unity of all Life
  • The Communion With and Guidance From the Spirit World
  • The Continuous Existence of the Soul
  • Personal Responsibility for Every Thought, Word, and Action
  • Reward and Consequence for all Deeds According to God’s Natural Laws
  • Eternal Progress Open to Every Soul


Mediums are ordinary people who have through training developed their natural ability to enable them to communicate with the Spirit world.

There are two main types of mediumship; mental and physical.

Mental Mediumship

Mental Mediumship is by far the most common form. The spirit communicator works through the medium’s mind so the medium becomes aware of who is communicating, what they may look like and what their message is. Clairsentience – to sense, Clairvoyance – to see, and Clairaudience- to hear are the most common ways mediums work.

Physical Mediumship

Physical mediumship is now quite rare simply because it takes many, many years to develop and few mediums are capable of developing in this manner. Physical mediumship is a more direct form of mediumship as everyone present will witness the same phenomena. Spirits may speak with their own voice or even materialize for all to see, objects can be levitated and moved around the room with no visible means of support.


Among the great forces of Spiritualism is healing the sick either by personal contact, “the laying on of hands”, or through absent or distant healing, in which recipients are treated often at great distances away, by the sending out of healing thoughts and prayers. Many incurable diseases have been successfully treated. No healer can guarantee a cure, but they can help alleviate pain and suffering, ease a passing, and possibly affect complete recovery.

Guidance for Private Sittings With a Medium

Private Sittings are a form of Spirit Communication – just the same as demonstrated from the Spiritualist platform. The only difference is that this time it is being done in private. Mediums are available for private sittings. Please contact us for more information.

Any attempt to communicate with those in Spirit is, by its very nature, purely experimental and therefore, results can never be guaranteed. Most people are very happy with their sitting, however, if you should be less than satisfied you should discuss this with the medium at the time of the sitting.

A Private sitting should be both evidential in nature and a healing experience. It is not an opportunity to communicate with family and friends on the spirit side of life to bring comfort, upliftment, and hope of the continuation life.

Here are the answers to some questions you may have concerning a private sitting:

Most definitely not! Spiritualist mediums do not “tell fortunes.” What they will do is attempt to provide you with evidence of the survival of the human soul after death.

Not in the slightest. The people who may wish to communicate with you from the Spirit world are, generally in the main, people who knew you and cared for you when they were alive on earth – why should you be frightened of them?

Spirit people, by natural law, are bound to communicate in terms of truth and love, therefore they will not tell you anything that is going to worry or upset you.

No! They cannot foretell your future, as your future is something, which does not yet exist. However, because they are unburdened by physical minds and material influences, they can sometimes take a much broader and long-sighted view of the likely outcome of our actions. Then, of course, they will try to make us aware of these likely situations before they arise.

The medium knows absolutely nothing about you before the sitting begins. During the sitting the medium will only know those facts, which the Spirit people choose to tell him or her. However, just as they would while they were here, your Spirit friends will respect your privacy and nothing of a very private or personal nature will be revealed – unless it is important to the communication. However, mediums very seldom remember much of what they have said after a sitting has been concluded and all is kept confidential.

You can if you wish, but there is absolutely no guarantee that a message from any particular individual will come through. Remember we are completely dependent upon the wishes of Spirit people to communicate. We cant “call them up” – it is they who decide whether to communicate or not. Concentration or the desire to have one specific person communicate is not recommended. I t can limit the ability of others who are there to talk with you.

Keep an open mind. Try not to limit your thoughts to one or two people, your message could be from anyone you have known (even people who passed over before you were born). Be honest with the medium, if you cannot understand a part of your message, say so and the medium will try to clarify it for you. Be honest with yourself, don’t say “No” just to be awkward, and don’t say “Yes” just to be helpful.

Keep these few simple guidelines in mind, and your sitting should be an experience to remember.

Want to know more?

Being able to communicate with the Spirit world is not just for the gifted few. We believe it is the right of everyone. To this end we have made available our most valuable assets, our mediums, our knowledge and our experience. Members of the public can gain access to expertise through Lighthouse Spiritual Centre and other Spiritualist Churches.

Mediums are available for private sittings. Please contact us for more information.

What are Circles?

A Circle is a gathering of people who sit in a circle format with a leader (who preferably is a medium).

Types of Circles

  • Open Circle is open to the general public (no limit to number of attendees or experience), led by a medium.
  • Closed Circle is a group of the same individuals 3—9, 10 persons who meet on a regular basis at a set time and place with a leader (preferably a developed medium).
  • Development Circle is a Closed Circle under the leadership of a developed medium. The intention is to develop psychic and spiritual abilities through meditation and exercises. (each circle member develops on a personal level at their own speed).
  • Healing Circle is a group of individuals who meet with a leader to focus and send out thoughts of healing to the world and all life—healing is sent out for all names submitted to and brought by the group. A healing group my also include ongoing study regarding healing and include practice. Group may offer services to the community.
  • Demonstration Circles are generally organized to introduce those interested in learning about what a circle is and to aid in deciding if this format is what they are ready for. Typically this circle would operate for a set number of weeks (usually 4—8 sessions). The open circle may be of aid to those who cannot make the commitment required for a closed circle.

These are the most common circles that you may hear about. Is circle right for you? Come out to an open circle which is held at Lighthouse Spiritual Centre on the 4th Thursday of every month, even through the summer. No prerequisites are required. We look forward to seeing you there!